Women Leadership Nation Inc.


Creating Unified Workplaces™

Women Leadership Nation™ (WLN) works in male dominated industries to close the Gender Gap and increase innovation by creating Unified Workplaces™ that Attract, Develop, Engage and Retain Women Leaders.

While our main focus is to help bridge the gender gap, our programs are aimed at helping individuals and organizations to navigate a labyrinth of barriers to innovation as well as unity. 

Our solutions are aimed at building awareness, understanding, and agility for a skill set that supports diversity, inclusion, and collaboration as an effective and efficient change management strategy.

We are deeply committed to helping:

  1. Employers understand their current level of unity, set goals, create a culture of unity that embraces diversity, inclusion and collaboration; resulting in a more innovative, agile and competitive organization.
  2. Participants go on a journey of self-discovery creating a greater understanding of their strengths, identifying opportunities for growth, learning new unity and leadership skills and create strategies for overcoming any barriers and obstacles.  
  3. Teams engage in a deeper dialogue about differences, identifying commonalities and increase the potential for greater understanding, acceptance, respect and opportunities for stronger collaboration.  

Our Dedicated Team


Jennifer Ladouceur, Ec.D, MBA, TotalSDI Cert.


Shannon Nicole, RHN, TotalSDI Cert.

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