We're in the research phase of our new book & need your help

We are seeking inspiring and forward-thinking leaders to Interview! 

Leaders who are open to sharing their experiences, insights and innovative ideas for what a new approach can look like. Together we need to re-think how organizations close the gender gap and increase unity in the workplace. 




The time has come for a new approach to closing the gender gap in the workplace!

As part of our research Jennifer Ladouceur, President of Women Leadership Nation Inc. will be interviewing well over 100 leaders (both women and men) worldwide. 

Speaking with leaders at all levels in order to gain insight into the barriers, challenges and obstacles women face in the workplace and what role the organization and individuals should play in creating a new approach to closing this gap.  

Our goal is to uncover best practices, identify new solutions and create a roadmap for women leaders and a new business model for organizations committed to making a change; and knowledge and practical solutions openly accessible to every business and organization. Instead of writing a conventional business book, our book will be a practical guide with open source worksheets and activities. Our mission is to help as many companies and organizations as possible! 

Interviews will be 30 minutes in length. The purpose of these interviews is to identify new ideas, new approaches and new solutions to this complex problem.

Research and insights will be used to inform WLN's first book/toolkit, which will focused on how organizations can make real progress in achieving gender equity and increase innovation with a diverse workforce.

We value your expertise and insights... together we can discover a new solution and create more Unified Workplaces. 

Click on the link below to schedule an interview with Jennifer today!

Know a leader we should speak with? 

Recommendations and introductions are greatly appreciated! Our goal is to speak with as many women and men as possible so that together we can discover a new way forward. 

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